Over time the photo editing has become more and more precise and sophisticated, thanks to the evolution of precise and targeted techniques. The removal of the background or of various elements from the photographs can be obtained through a variety of procedures, which require a great technical capacity and a high artistic sensitivity. A qualified photo editing service can give you an edge when it comes to creating perfect images for your catalog or website. The image masking phase is also fundamental: it is a question of creating masks on the images to separate the areas to be corrected and retouched, so as to ensure the necessary attention to any changes regarding color and shape. Our Thesis Color team is able to make the most of this type of intervention on every image: the long experience in this area allows us to change even the most particular aspects of your photo, keeping realistic images in shades and outlines. Our professionals are experts in all the main techniques of Photoshop, including those aimed at “cutting out”: if your image requires the removal of the background, our staff will be able to proceed quickly and with extreme precision, to achieve a clean silhouette of the subject.