The photos often fail to fully reflect the photographer’s experience: faded sunsets, lights that are too strong to clear outlines or, on the contrary, too strong shadows that hide details.

In the commercial field, being able to recreate the magic of certain environments or particular moments is fundamental as the aim is to provoke irresistible temptations in the observer, an example can be the catalog of a travel agency whose purpose is to induce the customers to face a journey.

The photographer’s task will be to devise the composition and decide the style of the photo, whether it be vintage, on the road, adventurous, romantic … but it will be the photo-editing to make every shot unique and impeccable!


Recreating the distance in space: a photo coming from an exotic place will be enhanced by a warmer color, a sunny effect that communicates the high temperature of the tropical or equatorial place, while to accentuate the polar atmosphere you will play with a combination of filters color and blur effects or ad hoc sharpness.