The real estate photography presents some technical difficulties, mainly due to the fact that often you can not place a sufficient distance from the building and that natural light can strike it partially or even be absent. But there are other problems, typical of this niche of photography.
As we said before, a real estate agency counts a lot on being able to make a very good first impression thanks to captivating photographs. Photographing the property is just one of the tasks of the real estate agent, and it is not always possible to photograph it in the best conditions. What to do, for example, if there are cars and vans parked in front of the building? Or if the surrounding landscape is ruined by unwanted elements, such as a crane or a cement mixer that will be stationed for days nearby? Or, especially in the case of buildings, it may be that there are works in progress and scaffolding to hide part of the facade.
In all these cases, the real estate agent must return and try his luck several times or wait for the moment when he can photograph the property free of obstacles (and it may take weeks or even months) or resort to photo editing. Relying on a team of professionals, the uninviting photos of the buildings will be cleaned up by the disturbing passengers and enhance the property at best.