The photographs of the real estate are one of the cornerstones of the entire market. They serve to expand the audience of potential customers, increasing the possibility of closing contracts in good time. What is the most important type of image? Although some houses have remarkable interior features, it is often preferred to place the classical view from the outside as the main image of an advertisement. In this way the property is immediately defined, giving a decisive glance which also serves as the first skimming.
The problem of architectural exterior photography is mainly due to two factors:
The space: sometimes the distance for an optimal photo can not be reached, for example in the case of narrow streets. A too wide angle lens should be used to be able to contain the whole subject from a good angle.
The light: as above, some urban layouts do not allow good lighting of the façade: it can always be in the shade or only partially affected by direct light.
In these cases, the use of photo editing helps to get high quality photos, impossible to reproduce otherwise. Moreover, other notable advantages can be obtained to obtain more captivating images, as we will explain in the next article.