The photographs in real estate are taken in the vast majority of cases with the aim of selling or renting a property, so they must be photos that express the full potential of the subject photographed. Both private individuals and real estate agencies are extremely in need of photos that can convince potential customers to visit the property, where it will then be the skill of the seller to put the icing on the cake, by concluding a contract.
Given the economic impact that the purchase of a property has on the personal economy, the properties can remain on the market many months before being placed: it is therefore appropriate to publish the ads, accompanied by photos, as soon as possible. This means publishing them while they are still occupied by previous owners or tenants, while there are works in progress etc.
In these cases, the building will not be photographed to its maximum aesthetic potential due to the encumbrance of personal effects in sight, the structures for the works or even the pre-construction status. For example, if a room has mold on the walls but the sanitation will take place the following month, what do you do? Do you wait a month, losing dozens of potential customers? No! It is aimed at professionals of the photo editing that will make the mold disappear immediately, as well as they will disappear personal objects and work tools.