One, ten, a hundred carnivals
The carnival has a thousand faces: one in every mask but also one in each party. The faces of the carnival are innumerable. They range from the wild carnival of children to the monumental carnival of the parades of the carts, from the tropical carnival of Rio to the aristocratic carnival of Venice. For an artistic carnival, the choice is Venice. We can say in all sincerity that half of the work is already done by the wonderful traditional masks, which in addition to the artistic impact have an infinite patience in the pose and lend themselves with pleasure to the shots.
The best photos of the book
The photos of the artistic carnival of Venice are among the ideal candidates to become the most fascinating shots of the work of each photographer. Thanks to our experience we can help you pull out a thousand souls from every single shot, with post-production work, and deliver a result of unsurpassed level. In addition to the composition, we can recreate different atmospheres to make your photographs now luxurious, now vintage, now ancient, now dreamlike. We can enhance your style and offer solutions that you may not have even thought of!