There are no impossible photos, despite the appearance.
Although, in fact, the idea of ​​”photographing different historical periods” seems to be beyond all possibilities, thanks to the photo editing it is possible to realize the same conditions as the images of the past.
After composing the photograph you want to make, choosing the subjects, the poses and making the right tricks, we come into play. With the combination of different techniques and using the appropriate filters, we can give you the result you want.
In fact, the starting image can be readjusted to any desired period and, thanks to the precision and reliability of photo editing, the result is always perfect. An example can be the realization of a photo that recalls the Eighties: obtaining the glamor effect of that period is very simple applying the correct techniques of photo editing. The same is true of the glossy atmoosphere of the seventies, the soft atmosphere of the Sixties, and so on until the early years of photography.
Having the possibility to recreate the characteristic elements of the various eras makes the creation of particular and unique products accessible, such as dedicated covers, theme calendars, collections addressed to historical re-enactments … There are no limits to the creativity and imagination of the customers!