With the term still life, in Italian translatable with “still life”, we mean the photographic representation of inanimate objects through a specific technique that tends to focus on the construction of the environment and on the lights to be used to highlight the most important features of the subject photographed.



A simple shot, in fact, is not enough to enhance your products, you must also consider:
– product styling and pre-production
– outline
– post production
– color
– file name
– high resolution photos
– web page layout



This is why our image processing services for the web include all those processes that involve the digital modification of the images themselves for your website or your online portal.
This manipulation of photographic images following the shot is now a common practice that allows you to create original effects suitable for every need of the website.
This technique can be used not only on images that portray objects, but also on faces and entire people, just think of the photographs of models on the sites of the highest fashion houses.



basic photo editing: elimination of installation media, simple cleaning.

standard photo editing: basic retouching + eliminating small product defects (stains, glue, dirt, etc)

pro photo editing: standard retouching + arrangement Structural imperfections of the product (asymmetries of the elements, seams and various manufacturing defects)


(Regarding image layout we mean exactly everything that includes scaling, weight and size according to customer requirements)