color correction
Thesis Color Graphic uses several color correction methods to make the images as sharper and as near as possible to the original. Color correction is one of the most important parts of the photo editing process. Our staff has years of experience and artistic preparation to retouch all kinds of images.

photo editing
Photo editing has taken a huge step forward.Removing funds or items from photos can be obtained through a variety of procedures that require technical skill and artistic sensibility. Photo editing services will give you more gear when it comes to creating perfect images for your catalog or website.

image masking

Products and clothing need special care with regard to color and shape. Our team is able to create picture masks to separate areas to be corrected and retouched. Our experience in this industry allows us to also modify the most accurate aspects of your image while maintaining realistic images in color and shape. Our Photoshop professionals are experienced in image retouching and masking, and therefore, provide a perfect image

Under certain circumstances, the image may require removal of the background. In this case, our staff will use a variety of techniques to get a clean silhouette of the subject.

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