Nowadays, every two minutes, we take more photographs than were taken during the whole nineteenth century. In the nineteenth century, taking a photo required very long shutter speeds, which is why compositions are always much more static. The costs of machinery and materials for development also made each photo very expensive.

Do you know the existence of the cheerleader effect? Compared to the photos of the single individuals, in the group shots the people’s face is more attractive, this effect is so called because the athletes are always in a group and represent a focus for the attention of the spectator.

The camera that took the first photos on the Moon (the famous image of the astronaut with the American flag) was abandoned on the satellite because it was too heavy. The astronauts left the camera there to bring 25 kg of moon rocks back to Earth.

The animal shots are not a prerogative of contemporary society, the first funny photos of cats, in fact, were taken already in 1800: even, in 1870 the photographer Harry Pointer became famous precisely for his “funny cats pictures”.

Let’s go back to the nineteenth century: why didn’t anyone smile in the photos? Because it was necessary to remain still for a hour or two!