What is color correction? Color Correction means all the techniques available to change the color when shooting or post-production. Normally, when you want to change the color at the time of shooting, you will use some typical tools of the photo set such as cameras and cameras. In post production, the effect of light conditions – and therefore of color – can not be recreated.
Why use color correction? Color correction can serve both to achieve a completely different effect by modifying the colors of your photo (think trivially in black and white or sepia), but can also be used to make the image closer to reality. You can often take a large number of photographs in non-optimal conditions: sporting events, outdoor set with unparalleled lighting, shots in environments that prevent the effective use of the lights. In all of these cases, we can provide the color correction service so that every image is impeccable, giving it the realistic or sophisticated effect that best suits your needs. You can also apply different correction styles to present to the customer a range of options to choose from.