Street photography represents a further challenge for all photography enthusiasts in search of the perfect shot due to the many difficulties that are added to those already existing: the subjects are often in motion, the light is natural, so subject to sudden changes, the intruders are always around the corner (from passers-by to pigeons) … even a good photographer, who knows how to put everything in balance, may need post production!
Here are 3 tips to get a high quality starting shot, then for the indispensable photo retouching we’re there!

Slow down … or stop: if you chase your subjects you will get too noticed and you will be too busy looking for the right shot, which keeps escaping. Stop and let the perfect image come to you.
Use a high ISO: except for really optimal conditions (perfect light and at will, subject in motionless pose) it is always better to abound with ISO. The corrections are made later with photo editing.
Focus on the details: you can’t photograph everything, it’s impossible. Stop, free your mind and let your gaze go until the right detail hits you: that will be the perfect subject of your street photography!