Very often we resort to photo editing for commercial purposes. The creation of catalogs is perhaps the main example of this type of use of photo editing. Why is photo editing important when creating a catalog? The reasons are many and here we will take into account the psychological reasons. A catalog of products can be particularly effective when it gives to those who browse it a certain range of sensations.

The idea of ​​abundance: a catalog must give the idea of ​​abundance, so it must exhibit many products, even in their various versions. For example, a car catalog can show the simple photo of a white car and use the caption: “also available in other colors – black and blue”. To be more effective, it can instead show photos of the model in white, in black, in blue. In this way the customer really sees all the available products. The maximum yield is obtained with the photo editing, going to recolor the body, so that the different colors do not seem more or less desirable depending on the frame.

The idea of ​​completeness: the products can be more appealing if presented complete with accessories. For example, a catalog of haircuts for a trendy salon will be more impactful if the models are well groomed with appropriate makeup, clothes and accessories. Post production comes into play here.