Strange as it may seem, some past stars have renounced the use of post production, showing themselves without veils and without retouching. Some of these photographs have acquired importance precisely for this reason: the absence of changes showed a “scratchy” reality that otherwise would not have come out. This is the case, for example, of Marilyn Monroe, photographed by Bert Stern in the last year of her life shortly after having undergone a gall bladder surgery that had left her a noticeable scar on her abdomen. Overcoming the reticence of the star, Stern had convinced her to pose without veils and the photos that came out are considered real masterpieces. The same happened to Andy Warhol, photographed by Richard Avedon after surviving a shooting: Warhol’s tortured torso is a merciless portrait of a miraculous man. The total absence of photo editing, combined with the choice of a highly contrasted black and white, highlights every detail and lets suffering shine through. As for a diva much closer to us, Anna Magnani is famous for many of her performances but also for telling her make-up artist: “The wrinkles don’t cover them that it took me a lifetime to make them come”. But apart from these exceptions … who would give up photo editing?